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Our Courses

  • 01


    • Welcome Letter


  • 02

    Notary Signing Agent Course

    • Introduction

    • Introduction Quiz

    • Section 1 Part 1: What to expect as a Signing Agent

    • Section 1 Quiz

    • Section 2 Part 1: Everything you need to conduct signings

    • Section 2 Part 2: How to set up your home based business

    • Section 2 Quiz

    • Section 3: Data Management

    • Section 3 Quiz

    • Section 4: E-Signings (Not Remote Online)

    • Section 4 Quiz

    • Section 5: Anatomy of a Loan

    • Section 5 Quiz

    • TRID 1

    • TRID 2

    • TRID Quiz

    • Documents

    • Documents Section 1

    • Documents Video 2

    • Documents Quiz

  • 03

    Advanced Course - Beyond The Basics

    • Section 1: Introduction

    • BTB Section 1 Quiz

    • Section 2: Identification

    • BTB Section 2 Quiz

    • Section 3: Notarial Acts

    • BTB Section 3 Quiz

    • Section 4: Title and Other Signings

    • BTB Section 4 Quiz

    • Section 5: Additional Information

    • BTB Section 5 Quiz

  • 04

    Reverse Mortgage

    • Reverse Mortgage

    • Reverse Mortgage Docs

    • Reverse Mortgage Quiz

  • 05

    End of Course Exam

    • End of course Exam

  • 06

    Graduate Website

    • Graduate Website Video

    • Graduate Website Quiz

Meet The Owner

Carol Ray, Owner of Notary2Pro, created her Notary Signing Agent Course after working as an Escrow Manager and as a Notary Signing Agent. She discovered that there was no official training for NSA's and decided to do something about it. Hence, Notary2Pro was born.


“I wanted to inform you that I have recently completed the Notary2Pro Certified Signing Agent Course, along with the Beyond the Basics Course also provided by Notary2Pro. I found both of these courses to be well put together, and the training materials were exceptional. Prior to taking the Notary2Pro training courses, I had taken two other courses with agencies I will not name, but I will tell you, that those courses pale in comparison to the Notary2Pro courses. The Notary2Pro Courses actually take the guess work out of the duties and responsibilities of a Signing Agent. Both Notary and Signing Agent expectations are explained in detail, which is what everyone in this business needs. Since entering this field, I have learned that the training requirements are all over the place from state to state. There is very little consistency, which leaves room for numerous errors. It is very encouraging to see that someone has come up with a professional standard that all Signing Agents and Notaries should adhere to. An added benefit to completing the course, was receiving a phone call directly from Mrs. Carol Ray herself, letting me know that I had actually passed the course, and also discussing areas she felt I had trouble in. I couldn’t believe the instructor of a course offered nationally was so passionate about the success of her students. It has only added to the pride I take in having successfully completed the course, and becoming a Notary2Pro Certified Signing Agent."”


Phyllis E. Traylor | U.S. Army Retired

“I achieved my CNSA through the NNA, but I perceived that I did not sufficiently understand the process to present the documents clearly and concisely to the borrowers; although, it did provide an introduction to the work process and flow. I understood the 'nuts & bolts' of the process, but I really wanted some 'hands-on' training and document familiarization. I am a detail-oriented person and since this work is performed solo with full responsibilities, I was seeking additional training to ensure that my work would be professional and accurate. So, I researched several Notary Signing Agent forums and found multiple positive references to the Notary2Pro program. I researched the details on Carol Ray's site and it looked to be a good fit for me. I reached out to Carol via phone and that conversation confirmed it was the program I was seeking. I signed up for both training courses [Loan Document Signing Specialist & Professional Signing Agent] as well as the mentoring program. I loved all of the training and mentoring! After successfully completing the training and certifications, it was then obvious that the training really filled in a lot of the 'blanks' for me and raised my confidence level regarding presenting documents. In addition, In addition, I have successfully completed the Reverse Mortgage training and certification as well. Carol's training was INSTRUMENTAL in preparing me for successful and professional completion of the loan signing and general notary work as well. I strongly recommend Carol's training as it is comprehensive and increases confidence, skills, and abilities to a professional level.”


Christine Oldham

“Carol is an exceptional person. The training I received from Notary2pro for me it was the best. Carol makes herself available to all her students and is quick to reply to calls and emails. ”


Lupe Preciado

We Offer

Here are just a few things

  • Documents

    We give you a full set of marked documents with videos so you will understand what each document means.

  • Course Access

    We give you a full three months to complete the course. Even if you "graduate" before your access ends, you will still have the remaining time.

  • Client List

    Upon graduation we give you a list of 4 & 5 star companies that hire our graduates, even without experience. We also have our "Elite" list of graduates that we send out to companies to hire our graduates.